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Ukulele Straps

Fully adjustable ukulele straps for use with 2 strap buttons, or request a tie lace for the headstock. Available in 1 inch or 1.5 inch width. The photos below show a 1 inch wide strap on a soprano uke and a baritone uke. Photo 3 shows a 1" wide strap attached with a leather tie lace.




A 1" and 1.5" wide strap next to a soprano ukulele. The 1.5" width is perfect for larger ukes.





how-to-attach-ukulele-strap-1171.jpg  how-to-attach-ukulele-strap-1169.jpg 



 The strap button of the soprano ukulele with a 1" wide strap attached. 








 A 1" wide ukulele strap is shown here attached at the headstock with a leather tie lace.









A 1" wide uke strap on a baritone ukulele. 







- For use with 1 or 2 strap pegs. Request a free leather tie lace when ordering

- Adjustable from 25 to 45 inches in length

- 1 or 1.5 inches wide




- Made with tough webbing on the inside, soft fabric on the outside

- Beautiful, unlined leather ends for ukuleles or Guitaleles

- Nickel plated hardware


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