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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are your strap measurements taken from?

Strap measurements are taken from leather hole to hole where they will attach to the guitar. Strap measurements do not include the length of the optional tie lace on guitar straps. Banjo straps are measured from the shortest way that you can wear it (leather ends looped closed with the chicago screw), to the longest. My measurements fit most adults. If you are big, tall, short, or tiny, no problem. Just write a note about your specific length needs when checking out, or tell me to make it a little smaller or a little longer. No extra charge, no big deal. 



Special lengths are no problem, just inquire. I do not do embroidery - it requires specialized machines. I do not make sports themed straps. 


Pattern Selection

Usually, if I have a strap listed for sale, that means the fabric is in stock and I can make any style of strap that you need. So, if you see a guitar strap that you love the color of, but you need a ukulele strap, I'll probably be able to make it for you. Sometimes, I will only have a little bit of a particular fabric left if I am discontinuing the pattern, in which case I may not be able to do so. Also, some patterns will look great on a 2 inch wide strap, but not so great on a 1 inch wide ukulele strap. Write me an email to inquire!


Why can't you ship my strap tomorrow?

Hi, I'm Amanda, and I make every strap to your specifications after your order is placed.  There are only so many hours in a day, so if there are 50 orders ahead of yours,  it will be a few weeks before yours is completed and shipped. I will make your strap in the order it was received. (See the production / shipping page.)  Good things come to those who wait! 
What if I don't have any strap pegs on my ukulele or guitar?
You'll need at least one strap peg to use Handmade Straps. You can have strap pegs installed at your local music shop for a few dollars.  
What should I do if I LOVE my new strap?

Write a review here on HandmadeStraps.com! Reviews let others know that I make good stuff and they make me very happy. 


I'm buying a strap as a gift. If it doesn't match his/her guitar, can I exchange or return the strap?

Returns and exchanges are no problem. Send an e-mail with the purchase information and I'll send you the address to ship to. Include a note inside the package with your name, date of purchase and order number. Buyer pays return shipping. When I receive the first strap in the mail, I'll make the new one or process the refund. 


Are the straps strong enough for my bass or electric guitar?

Yes! Inside the straps is incredibly strong polypropylene webbing which would hold up to 2,000 pounds of force. The leather on the ends is firm and tough. Like any leather, it will stretch a little over time but is more than strong enough for heavy bass guitars. And, the best part is, they feel comfortable and soft because of the outer layer of fabric!


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